“Sociology” by Olivia Sandoval-www.connectingstorytellers.com

You love him?
What is love?
I thought I knew and now I can’t remember.

Does love include to face your cruelest demons?

Love is to know each other deeply…
I heard that when you love someone, it brings out the best in you.

But that stage is over.
Now I’ve brought out the best and perhaps the worst of you.

You brought everything out and maybe that made you feel ashamed,
Ashamed to show yourself so well. So naked.What is love more than cuddling in the morning
And sweet words during the day
Kisses full of passion and devotionTo take care of each other,
To make plans together
To build a path for both
Right?Hopes of a lifetime together?
Hopes of spending some time together?
I am confused and I loose myself thereIt’s that I seek to live images created by social pressure?


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